Menu Values Statement
Our living food cuisine is created using ingredients that are organic, local, and seasonal whenever possible. We do not use processed starches, processed sugars, meat or dairy products. Our pricing reflects the quality and labor-intensive nature of our vegetarian menu. Bon Appetit!

Savory Flaxseed Cone Menu
Spicy Thai Salad Cone
  Filled with a mélange of fresh crispy cabbage, mangoes, and herbs. Tossed with our creamy dressing and our sprouted and dried, seasoned cashews. Topped with RawDaddy's tangy tamarind sauce.  
"Hey Mon" Jamaican Cone
  Filled with a sweet and mildly spicy, marinated medley of peppers, onions, perfectly ripe bananas, and habanero chilies. Topped with RawDaddy's creamy and bright, pineapple puree.  
Moroccan Squash Cone
  Filled with a duet of butternut and crook-necked squash, marinated in an ambrosia of aromatic almond milk, herbs, and cinnamon. Layered with RawDaddy's sweet pepper harassa and a couscous of jicama, pine nuts and currants.  
Forest and Earth Mushroom Polenta Cone
  Filled with layers of our freshly made corn polenta and a rich composition of portabella, oyster, and brown mushrooms, raw-simmered in our white truffle oil and smoked sea salt marinade. Drizzled with a counterpoint of our zesty mustard vinaigrette.  
Wakame Daddy Sushi Cone
  Filled with a freshly tossed mixture of delicate wakame, daikon radish, cucumbers, traditionally pickled ginger, and our riced and sweetly seasoned parsnips. Topped with RawDaddy's creamy wasabi dressing.  

Sweet Flaxseed Cone Menu
Not "Just For Kids" Cone
  Filled with a creamy blend of raw almond butter, raw local honey, and spoonfuls of RawDaddy's fruit compote.  
Very Berry Cone
  Filled with fresh, juicy berries, gently tossed in a light ambrosia of agave nectar and vanilla. Layered and topped with our decadent ginger cashew crème fraiche.  
"Wilde for Pears" Cone
  "A pear is only ripe for half an hour."
- Oscar Wilde
Pears gently tossed with agave and maple, then layered with cinnamon cashew yogurt and honeyed walnuts.
Pilgrims' Cream Cone
  Made with a delicious mix of maple cream, organic carrots, cashews, and raw extra virgin coconut oil with candied pecans. Tastes just like pumpkin pie.  
Lemon Macaroon Cheesecake Cone
  Filled with a New York creamy blend of fresh squeezed lemon juice, raw cashews, agave, and raw extra virgin coconut oil. Layered with our chewy coconut macaroon crumble.  
Chocolate Cookie Dream Cone
  Filled with chocolate cookie crumble, chocolate mousse filling, and topped with raspberry sauce. Served in one of Rawdaddy's crunchy sweet cones.  
Donovan's Apple Crisp Cone
  Named after the cutest red head, with a lust for apples. Layers of raw baked apples tossed in vanilla agave, with a pecan-almond crisp, topped with sweet cashew yogurt.  
Sizes Available

Appetizer Size........................................$5
Medium Size..........................................$6
Big Daddy..............................................$8


Cold Drinks
Fresh Squeezed Sparkling Ginger-Lemonade
  Made with the juices of fresh-squeezed lemons and ginger. Sweetened with agave nectar and topped off with cool, sparkling H2O over crystal clear ice.
16 oz.
Iced Coffee, Thai Style
  Made with an aromatic brew of fair-trade coffee and hints of fragrant cardamom. Poured over crystal clear ice and topped with RawDaddy's sweetened and condensed cashew milk.
12 oz.
Chilled Hibiscus Nectar
  Made with an exotic, tangy, and spectacularly beautiful infusion of "flor de jamaicha." Sweetened with agave nectar. Chilled to delicious and refreshing perfection.
12 oz.

Warm Drinks
Warm Chai Latte
  Warm chai made with a blend of maple, cardamom, fresh squeezed ginger juice, cinnamon, raw cocao, nutmeg, and raw cashew and almond milk.
16 oz.

Tonics & Elixirs
House Brewed Kombucha
  Made with RawDaddy's own blend of teas and spices. Deliciously drinkable and a great source of concentrated, non-dairy probiotics.
12 oz.
5 oz. dose

Chocolate Haystacks
  Satisfy your sweet tooth with our "oh so gooey and chewy" treats. Made with raw cocoa powder and raw coconut. Sweetened with raw agave nectar.
  $3 each
2 for $5