Vegan Thanksgiving

Holiday History

Bay Area Vegetarian Thanksgiving Tradition!

8 years ago, RawDaddy decided to see what it would be like to eat a completely Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner.  So he cooked both a traditional and a Raw Vegan Dinner that year.  Stuffing, Mushroom, Root Mash, Cranberry Sauce.  It was all there.  What a shock!  As people were falling asleep around him, he was bouncing off the walls, with more energy then when he started the day.  It really opened his eyes.  We have been doing a Bay Area Vegetarian Thanksgiving ever since.


Bay Area Vegetarian Thanksgiving
RawDaddy at the Palo Alto Farmers’ Market.

I’m RawDaddy.  I was on the winning team of the first Vegan Iron Chef competition in SF, and have been running for 10 years.  For the first time, I am offering classes to create the perfect Vegan Thanksgiving Meal; it is in fact highly Raw.  The same meal we offer to the public for pickup or delivery.

Course Overview

Classes are 2 hour and

RawDaddy in the Kitchen
RawDaddy in the Kitchen

2 person minimum, 80 per person.  120 for a single.  I will come to your kitchen and will provide well-in-advance a shopping list of items that need procurement.  Corporate team building options are also available.  All recipes will be provided either in hard copy or email for you to keep.

r = raw, v = vegan, gf = gluten free

Recipes Provided

Turkey Mushrooms (r, v, gf)

Root Mash (r, v, gf)

Brussels Sprouts salad (r, v, gf)

Cauliflower Pecan Stuffing (r, v, gf)

Cranberry Pear Roasted Walnut Sauce (v, gf)

Vegan Gravy (v, gf)

Additional fee if we procure items + cost of items.  Dessert recipes can be provided at an extra charge.

Thanksgiving is upon us so book your class now.

Bay Area Vegetarian Thanksgiving

RawDaddy’s is known for it’s Vegan Savory and Sweet Flax Cracker Cone Food.  But every time around Thanksgiving, we would change up our menu to accommodate the holidays.  Hence our Giving Thanks Menu was born.  Now, we provide the bay area vegetarian thanksgiving catering all-year-round.  Just as we sometimes mimic flavors traditionally found in meat dishes, we use this same idea with Thanksgiving.  Our “Turkey Mushrooms” are seasoned with Rosemary.  Our root mash has the texture of mashed potatoes without the dairy.  Our cauliflower stuffing gives a nice extra texture to the meal. Brussels sprouts are flavored in maple syrup.  And our cranberry sauce is scrumptious.  

Vegan Desserts

Desserts are a big part of our Bay Area Vegetarian Thanksgiving.  Pilgrims Cream. Lemon Cheesecake. Snickers Cheesecake.  Plus, we have a dozen vegan ice creams.  Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, sea-salted caramel, coconut ginger, and more.  

vegan thanksgiving
Giving Thanks - Year Around

Savory Menu

Marinated “Turkey” Mushrooms (pint) 18

Mashed Root Purée
With White Truffle Oil (pint) 17

Maple Brussels Sprouts
With Toasted Almonds (pint) 14

Cauliflower & Pecan Stuffing (pint) 17

Cranberry & Pear Sauce (half-pint) 12

Power Greens Artichoke Dip (pint/large) 14/27

Fennel & Potato Au Gratin (pint/large) 14/27

Jackfruit Vegan Burger Paddy (Protein Pea Pod Powder supplied by The Better Meat Co)    4

Vegan Gravy (pint) 10

Sweets Menu

PIES (serves 12-15 people) & ICE Creams

Pilgrim’s Cream (tastes like Pumpkin Pie) 29/54

Lemon Macaroon Cheesecake 29/54

Snickers Bar Cheesecake 29/54

ICE CREAMS (pint):  15
Vanilla, Chocolate, Sea Salted Caramel, Green Tea, Peanut Butter

& More

Vegan Thanksgiving
Vegan Thanksgiving Plate

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