The Flax Cracker Cone

Flaxseed, Quinoa & Buckwheat Cracker

James Hall, founder of RawDaddy’s, has created a flax cracker cone that can be filled with delicious, engaging and creative food choices resulting in a fast food meal that you can feel good about.  In addition to flaxseed, the cone consists of quinoa and buckwheat.  We not only offer a Raw version but also a Baked one.  Could the Flax Cracker Cone be the next iconic food vessel, too, like the burrito and sandwich before it?  

Gluten-Free Cracker

One of the most common questions we get is whether our food is Vegetarian.  It is not only Vegetarian, it is actually Vegan.  Another common question is: Are you Gluten-Free?  Yes!  Furthermore, they ask curiously:  “What is the binder?”  When you soak flax, it becomes gelatinous so the flax keeps it all together.  Plus, very little sweetener is used, especially in our savory cone, and up until now, all our cones are made by hand. 

Researching across the globe looking for the right equipment to handle our unique “dough” and partners to automate the cone process has been a challenge.  However, we have found complementary sweet gluten-free vegan cones being produced with automated equipment.  Similarly, there is a demand.  In the meantime, each cone will be continued to be made by hand.  

As a matter of fact, the cone is they don’t crumble when you eat them.  Moreover, they taste great by themselves.  Coincidentally, we do make crackers for samples.  Equally important, we even make a bowl.  Could this be the Incredible Edible Vessel?

Flax Cracker Cone … & Bowl

Again, RawDaddy’s is known as much for our edible food vessels: flaxseed cracker bowls as well our cones.  Not only do all of our savory bowls start on a bed of quinoa, but also we add delicious raw and cooked flavors to each and every bowl.  Our Vegan Thanksgiving Meal goes extremely well in our bowl.  

Vegan together with gluten-free seems to be everywhere in the news today.  RawDaddy’s is uniquely positioned in today’s food space!

Seeking Partners !

Looking to take RawDaddy’s to the next level by automating the cone making process.

  See how one manufacturer has an idea to put a semi and completely automatic countertop cone machine into shops to lower the footprint on cones.